Nutritional Detox Therapy, Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapist

My name Is Carrie Drinkwine. I provide a wide variety of services that all encompass personal wellness. I am a passionate healer, nutritionist, educator, abdominal therapist and yoga instructor.  I have my Bachelors in nutrition science; I am a certified nutritionist, certified clinical iridologist, certified regenerative detox specialist, and certified Arvigo Maya abdominal therapist. I am also certified in NRT (nutritional response testing) which allows me to assess  each individuals needs. The body is a natural self-healer if you let it!  I love helping educate people on the lymphatic system and understanding the cause of all human dis-ease.   I specialize in digestive health and auto immune disfunction, helping regenerate cells in cancer cases through a wide variety of nutrition/herbal approaches.  I work with infertility, conception, and overall female reproductive health.  My services consist of  full health consultations, iris exams, nutritional counseling, meal plans set to each individual, continued support and also preparation of meals on a client to client basis. I am very personable and authentic with each client/student I take on. I believe suffering is unnecessary and everyone has the power to heal and transform their health and life.  Each individual must choose their own path to wellness.  I help motivate, educate and support!  I truly believe wellness is an empowering lifestyle that contributes to personal happiness and growth. All things are connected! My motto is Eat well, Think well, Be well!   

My yoga training entails over 300 hours of training. I am trained in power vinyasa, sculpt yoga and hot yoga.  I have extensive studies in ashtanga, anusara, jivamukti yoga and meditation. I happily share the gift of yoga with anyone looking to transform their life, mind and body.  This is a great addition to the nutrition aspect.  The two together will help you live a powerful and peaceful life.